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“... Each song is meticulously crafted with passionate lyrics, intricate melodies and stellar guitar work."- TRAVEL WEEKLY

"Named as Best Rock Act in 2019 AT the Nashville-based JMA Awards, The Next step for Follow No One is the Grammy's." - Music Week

"Fate is a 17-track industry Gamechanger." - Upcoming 100

Fate: A Hard Rock Concept album - based on a True Story.

Follow No One's  groundbreaking new album Fate has both music critics and fans alike singing its praises! 

"Fate is a 17-track industry Gamechanger." - Upcoming 100

Fate is a Cinematic Rock Album that tells the true story of the tragic events surrounding Rich Hall, a Husband, a Father, War Veteran & Corporate Executive, which took him from the pinnacle of success to a man who lost his family, his wealth, and ultimately his life…
or so they thought.
But that is only where the story starts. Hear the story unfold as he battles back from his deathbed to find some sense in his madness and regain what he has lost, only to find the journey back will lead him down a path no one, not even he expected. Sometimes, losing it all is the only way you will ever find what you have been missing all along,

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